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Teaching music is my deepest passion, and I've held the lifelong dream of becoming an educator. Explaining musical concepts to my students is second nature, and I find it easy to communicate ideas to others. I try to make my teaching style cater to the students on an individual level. I have come to find that people learn in a variety of ways, and I enjoy the challenge of finding what works best for each student. I place great importance on promoting self-motivation by nurturing the students' curiousity; I want them to be the best version of themselves, not a carbon copy of myself.

I firmly believe that teaching is a mutual exchange. The best educators learn from their students as much as they impart knowledge onto them. There's nothing more fulfilling than witnessing a student's "AHA!" moment, or listening to them express their own ideas in a unique way. Their enthusiasm becomes my own, and I embrace the fresh perspectives they bring to the world of music while welcoming their suggestions. Thanks to this dynamic exchange of ideas, I continue to grow as a musician and each day feels fresh and new. It makes me eagerly anticipate the years of teaching that lie ahead for me.

I currently serve as the private trumpet instructor for both the Central Music Academy, located in Lexington, Kentucky, as well as the Wesley Academy of Music and YES Arts, in Frankfort, Kentucky. These are non-profit 501(C)(3) organizations that provide free musical training to students between the ages of 8–18 from underprivileged backgrounds who would not be able to afford private instruction otherwise. Working with these programs has helped me grow as an educator and allowed me to provide an opportunity to mentor many young musicians with different goals and interests. I am dedicated to ensuring that all students, regardless of their background, feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential in the world of music.

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